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hi guys,

i have been playing around with this for ages and just can't figure this last bit out. i have uploaded my gallery folder onto my site, however my images do not load, instead im getting the dreaded white crosses. if i view my swf file direct though it plays in my browser. i can only think there is something wrong with the how the swf file has been emedded in my html file. see links: … lery1.html … viewer.swf

i used dreamweaver to build my site, and followed the FAQ instructions on how to embed when using dreamweaver. i have also contacted my host (who are free so i can't get them to change anything) correspondance has been something like this:

Unfortunately our server customers are unable to have changes made to thier webspace at this stage.

The members webserver does not support any server side scripting such as CGI or Frontpage Extensions. These features are not available due to the large number of sites maintained on the server & the security problems that can occur.

If you require web hosting that has these features our business hosting services can offer these services. For information about Domain Hosting, Mail Mapping or Mail Forwarding, please contact our small business sales team on 1300 301 227. Or visit our pricing website at:

my query:

> i have uploaded some files onto my webspace and im getting some errors with my
> files. images embedded into a swf file are not showing up on my html. however
> when i go direct to the url of the swf file is ok. forum for my software says it
> maybe that 'Hotlink Protection' is enabled. can this be disabled for my
> webspace?

any idea on how i can fix this? pleeeeeeease!

thanks in advance.

Re: swf file not loading images

The gallery at … lery1.html shows white crosses because the thumbs and images cannot be found.
The xml file is looking for the images in and the thumbs in
However, the images are located in … ery/images and the thumbs are located in … ry/thumbs/
In the xml file define the imagePath and thumbPath as:

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: swf file not loading images

oh my god.. and its that simple. thank you,  thank you,  thank you!