Topic: Lightroom 2

Version 1.9 had a documented section (4.2) on "Upgrading the Lightroom simpleviewer".  There are no similar instructions for V2. What is the process for version 2.0 ?  I just purchase v2 and I want to remove all simple viewer banners. I'd like to download version 1.9 pro. Can you provide a link...thanks

Re: Lightroom 2

Felix, thanks for letting me know about that version 1.9 is available in the 2.0 download.  I would still like to use 2.0 version in Lightroom, can you post info for upgrading LR2 plugin. thanks

Re: Lightroom 2

The Lightroom plugin for SimpleViewer V2 has not been released yet. You can either use the existing plugins for Photoshop or Picasa or you can use Lightroom to produce a V1 gallery and update it using these directions.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.