Topic: SWF cache control? (no-cache)

I've set autoviewer to display differently on several html pages (autostart and no buttons on index, and push to start + buttons on portfolio).
However, all autoviewer galerys are displaying in the same way, like the index way.

I've html and htaccess meta instructions, but there is no effect at all…
Even when I clear and refresh my browsers cash on portfolio pages, they are displaying the index autoviewer way…

Please how to avoid that??


<IfModule mod_headers.c>

    <FilesMatch "\.(swf|xml)$">

        FileETag None

        Header unset ETag

        Header set Cache-Control "max-age=0, no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate"

        Header set Pragma "no-cache"

        Header set Expires "Wed, 11 Jan 1984 05:00:00 GMT"




<meta http-equiv="expires" content="-1">
<meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache">
<meta http-equiv="cache-control" content="no-cache, must-revalidate">

Re: SWF cache control? (no-cache)

Please post the url for your gallery.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: SWF cache control? (no-cache)


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Re: SWF cache control? (no-cache)

You need to have a gallery.xml for each gallery. Since you seem to have all of you files in one folder you need to change the name of the gallery.xml for each gallery and then in each page all this line fo.addVariable("xmlURL", "theGalleryXMLFileName.xml");  right before fo.write("flashcontent"); and changing the gallery.xml name to correspond with that page.

var fo = new SWFObject("autoviewer.swf", "viewer", "700", "400", "8", "#ffffff");
fo.addVariable("xmlURL", "theGalleryXMLFileName.xml");

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: SWF cache control? (no-cache)

In fact I've already 1 folder for each galery (see portfolio page. Actually 2 dictinct gallery + index gal.).
Each galery is independant.
I've already tryed to rename each xml, but no effect.

Portfolio folders are: galery with .swf+.xml

Index gal is: galery with .swf+.xml

I've rewrite rules so don't trust your browser's adresse.

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Re: SWF cache control? (no-cache)

Please look at this page…
I've renamed XML / URL like you say, also put the entire XML url h*ttp:// on my page
I've also replace SWF with the free one (with download link).

No effect at all…

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Re: SWF cache control? (no-cache)

If you want to use different swf for each gallery you need to point to those too.

var fo = new SWFObject("autoviewer.swf", "viewer", "700", "400", "8", "#ffffff");

should be

var fo = new SWFObject("h*ttp://", "viewer", "700", "400", "8", "#ffffff");

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: SWF cache control? (no-cache)

Thanks a lot, it's working now  :)