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Hi Felix and gang!

great job with the simpleviewer.
My question is how to add a back button inside the viewer.swf? I have a flash site where i load the simpleviewer gallery (viewer.swf)

on(release) {

but doing this leaves me stuck in the gallery with no way out of there..
i would like to use a back button (similar on every page) but how and which file (where exactly) should i add this?
i would like the back button be found on the bottom left corner and i will add a function to this back button to simply close the gallery and load other flash content.

thank you very much for your help.

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Re: back button


so far i figured this out-

i can make the back button visible from
i can make it move by adjusting and having it to get url, not only go back in browser history.

only problem now is that i allready have my animated button which i would like to replace instead of the regular "back" button found in the
How is this done?

where can i add my to be active in the gallery?

Re: back button

You can add it in the fla and call it instead of the existing back button clip. If everything is inside one flash movie and you are not changing pages you will need to keep track of where the user came form in order to reload that movie clip when the back button is pressed.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.