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I have implemented a gallery under (Section Aktuell oder Galerie) but I only get "X" with Firefox 3.5.5 (works fine with IE 8). I was using both versions of Simpleviewer 1 and 2, but it didn't worked out.

Any idea what could help?

Many thanks, Chris

Re: Only get "X" with Firefox 3.5

Looks like your paths are incorrect in the xml. IE might have the xml file cached. It doesn't load in IE8 for me either.


Re: Only get "X" with Firefox 3.5

I've check the paths in the XML and they are all correct. I've cleared the cache from iE and made a restart and the galleries do show up correctly.

It always worked on IE but never on Firefox (it also seems that it doesn't work on Chrome)....

Re: Only get "X" with Firefox 3.5

Try changing the backslashes in imagePath and thumbPath (in gallery-landschaft.xml) to forward slashes.
ie, change:


... to:

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Only get "X" with Firefox 3.5

Yeah monkeyboy has it.

Currently effectively you have it pointing to: … es%5C6.jpg

Whereas it should be :

Re: Only get "X" with Firefox 3.5

Thanks guys...sometimes life is so simple...
It worked with the back-/forward slash....

Many thanks