Topic: installation problem

'just downloaded and copied svmanager on my website... but no trace of admin sign in link...
when i'm trying to load the svmanager.php link i get an error

(checkLogin($auth); $page = new AdminPage(); print $page->getHtmlHead(); print $page->getPageHeader(); $gallerySet = new GallerySet(); ob_start(); $okPass = true; $match = true; $okNewPass = true; $okOldPass = true; $changed = false; if (isset($_POST['adminsubmitted'])) { $user = trim($_POST['user']); $password = trim($_POST['password1']); $match = ($password == trim($_POST['password2'])); $okNewPass = (strlen($password) > 4); $okOldPass = $auth->confirmPass($_POST['password']); if ($match && $okOldPass && $okNewPass) { $changed = $auth->changeLogin($user, $password); } } print $page->getAdminContent($okOldPass, $match, $okNewPass, $changed); $mainOutput = ob_get_clean(); print $errorHandler->getMessages(); print $mainOutput; print $page->getFooter(); ?>)

what's wrong?
thank you

Re: installation problem

You are not seeing an error message, you are seeing the actual php code. You should of course be seeing the results of running the code, not the code itself. The most likely explanations are either

  1. Your server does not support php

  2. Some files became corrupted when you unzipped them or when you uploaded them to your server

The quickest way to check this out might be to install the free svManager compatibility test. If this runs ok then it looks like something got corrupted in the svManager installation. If the test just spews out a load of code then it looks like you have a problem with php support on the server.

Let me know how the test runs or post / email a link to the test and I'll look for myself.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.