Topic: xml data relative to root

Hi all,

I'm working for a client who used simpleviewer before and it worked like a charm
(viewer was loaded via PHP)

But now I'm rebuilding the site and I want to load all the four galleries in to one swf.

I'm using simpleviewer 1.9 an svmanager 1.5 (last is a gues)
The question:

Where do I change the settings so the viewer.swf loaded in the main.swf on the
root still knows how to phone home? (../manager/g1/images/)

Ofcourse I can simply edit the xml but that screws up the svmanager.
many many thanks in advance.

Re: xml data relative to root

Have you seen the section on Relative and absolute paths in the svManager user guide? Note that changing to absolute paths got a little easier in svManager 1.5.2. Before that, you had to set the path scheme and then use a trick to get the paths to update – move the gallery on the svManager Customize screen and then move it back. New image uploads should be ok in either case. You can see the version number in the svManager Admin screen, lower left.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.