Topic: Video support in SV


While looking at previous posts, I realise that this question has been asked numerous times in the past, but, I'm wondering if, with SimpleViewer 2.0 being released, anything has changed w.r.t. support for playing video content. Would be cool if this was supported.

The FAQ's state:

SimpleViewer can load JPG, GIFs, PNGs and SWFs. Any other file types (TXT, FLVs etc) are not supported

Does this mean that the Flash video player (FLVPlayer_Progressive.swf) can be embedded ?


Re: Video support in SV

SimpleViewer v2 will load SWFs, however I'm not sure that Flash video player (FLVPlayer_Progressive.swf) will function properly as it seems to require that the video information is past to it as part of the embedding of it in a HTML page.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.