Topic: caption size area: resizable ??


before purchasing the pro-version of simpleviewer,
I would like to know if the caption size area can be resizable.
I think it is, with the "captionHeight" variable, wich seem to be based at 120px.

But an ancient post (2006) tell you need to modify the source code with Flash.

So could you please confirm that we can resize the caption area in order to put a big caption text ?

Thank you
Stephane (excuse me if bad english  ;) )

Re: caption size area: resizable ??


SimpleViewer-Pro 2.0 allows you add a large caption by using the captionHeight, captionWidth and floatCaption options: … ml#caption

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: caption size area: resizable ??

ok thank you !

It's what I was thinking ;)