Topic: Why is the number of pictures limited to 50?


I am already using the previous version of SimpleViewer on my website (
This site uses some PHP code I wrote which searches a MySQL database to dynamically generate the XML file used by SimpleViewer. Some extractions result in the selection of more than 50 pictures. They work pretty fine and I can display all the selected pictures.
Willing to upgrade my site to the new SimpleViewer version, I tried the new version on a local clone of this website (on my PC) and found that the SimpleViewer displays are limited to 50 whenever the XML file includes more than 50 pictures.
Is there any technical reason for such a limitation? Is there a workaround to manage more than 50 pictures, like the previous version does?

Re: Why is the number of pictures limited to 50?

50 images is the maximum number of images per gallery for the standard version and the pro version has a maximum limit of 500 images. … l#features

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.