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I played around a little with svBuilder (I built my galleries manually because I was used to do this with the pre-2.0 version of SV) and have a few questions:

1. location of key files:
When opening a gallery, svBuilder seems to want to find simpleviewer.swf and gallery.xml in the same folder. Even though this is consistent with the requirement that the filepaths to thumbnails and images are specified relative to the root of the website in which they are displayed, I find it slightly impractical. It would be more convenient to be able to specify globally where simpleviewer.swf is located (at the root folder of a project) and then to be able to open different gallery.xml files living in sub-folders under that root. My question: is my interpretation of how svBuilder looks for  simpleviewer.swf and gallery.xml correct and if so, wouldn't it make sense to make it more flexible in the way I described above ?

2. Manual layout:
This is more an RFE than a question (unless what I ask is already there of course). When selecting fixed layout, it just applies the values for the different layout parameters as is. It would be very helpful if it were possible to click on a button "load parameters from current gallery" which would fill-out all layout parameters from the gallery that is loaded.

Cheers !

Re: svBuilder question

svBuilder Limitations

There are some limitations when previewing your gallery in svBuilder. To avoid these, preview your gallery in a web browser.

    * svBuilder assumes the gallery xml file is in the gallery folder and called gallery.xml. If you are using the galleryURL option to place the XML somewhere else you will need to temporarily switch it back to use svBuilder.
    * Gallery caption hyperlinks do not work in svBuilder
    * Gallery keyboard controls are disabled in svBuilder
    * Gallery Fullscreen mode does not work in svBuilder. … ilder.html

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.