Topic: captions positioning

Hi Felix, the post ended up in v.1, so I 'm posting it here as well, because I work with v2 now.
I use v. 2 of simpleviewer and was able to move the thumbnails above the image i one row,, but by doing that the captions disappeared.
1) You mean to say that it IS possible with the PRO version that the captions can be places below or under the image.
2) will it be possible also to move one row of thumbnails WITH the captions below the image with the pro version?
That would solve my problem...

Thanks for your reply.

PS: I just looked at the PRO version slide show, but I DO NOT WANT this sort of overlay caption over the picture!!
I want a separate line for it, in between the thumbnails and the image shown.
Can that be done? I don't like the caption over the picture.

Re: captions positioning


SV-Pro allows you to place the captions below the main image. Set the 'captionPosition' option to 'BOTTOM'.

The caption position can be locked or it can move to align with the currently selected image. Use the 'lockBottomStack' option for this.

Move the thumbs under the image by setting the 'thumbPosition' option to 'BOTTOM'.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.