Topic: Wont Load??

For the past couple days I have had problems - everything worked find 2 days ago!
First, the thumbs would have a grey bar covering more than 50% of the photo, and the large images would have a smaller grey bar at the bottom.
Thinking not everything uploaded properly, I did it all again. Nothing changed.
So I redid all my simple viewer files in photoshop, so I started from scratch. ..then it was a Blank page.
Long story short, it has worked then not worked since then,
now it is back to the grey bar..

any advice?

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Re: Wont Load??

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    title="Eric Riehl Portfolio"

<image imageURL="images/ER10.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/ER10.jpg" linkURL="" linkTarget="" >
    <caption> "A fire fighter from the Toronto Fire Service works to put out a fire at a shopping cart repair shop in Toronto, October 30 2008. Melting snow seeped through the roof onto lighting equipment - causing this fire, as well as others in the Toronto area."

<image imageURL="images/ER11.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/ER11.jpg" linkURL="" linkTarget="" >
    <caption> "A fire burns through a set of unfinished townhouses off of Burnhamthorpe Road, west of Ponytrail Drive, late June 29, into the early hours of June 30."

<image imageURL="images/ER12.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/ER12.jpg" linkURL="" linkTarget="" >
    <caption>"Oakville firefighters battle a fire in a field beside the 407 at the Neyagawa exit - behind a resident's home. "

<image imageURL="images/ER13.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/ER13.jpg" linkURL="" linkTarget="" >
    <caption> "Sgt. Thomas White, escourt officer for the body of Trooper Brian Good, shows emotion in the front of the herse that will carry his comrade to Toronto. January 10, 2009."

<image imageURL="images/ER14.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/ER14.jpg" linkURL="" linkTarget="" >
    <caption> "Belleville resident, Heather, sits behind the local mental health centre, smoking a cigarette - October 10, 2007."

<image imageURL="images/ER15.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/ER15.jpg" linkURL="" linkTarget="_blank" >
    <caption>"Riti Dass poses for a photo that is part of a photostory about how different people deal with pain."

<image imageURL="images/ER16.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/ER16.jpg" linkURL="" linkTarget="" >
    <caption> "Mina Wahidi, founder of The Compassion Society, was named Burlington's 2009 Citizen of the Year. Wahidi founded The Compasson Society in 2000, first operating out of her basement - now operating out of a storefront on Plaines Rd."

<image ima

It looks like your gallery.xml is missing some information.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Wont Load??

thanks for the reply. that happened a few times.

Now it wont show up, but for a different reason.

I am semi new to the whole webdesign thing, so im trying my best. im sure it is a simple problem, and easily fixed, i just dont see whats wrong.