Topic: How to implement Autoviewer-Pro.


I have purchaised Autoviewer-Pro version. And I try to implement it into my HTML in a simplest way possible.
And I couldn't find any manual for Dummies how to do that.

HTML example and this manual … ml#upgrade didn't help a lot.
I expecting somthing like
1.    Create a new directory in the home directory of your webpage and name it Autoviewer-Pro.
2.    Copy the contents (all files and directories) of the /dist/ folder provided in your Autoviewer-Pro download package into your newly created Autoviewer-Pro. folder on your web server.
3.    Open the webpage that you wish to place an example chart on.  If you do not currently have one or wish to use a test page for this purpose one has been provided for you in the How To directory included with your download.
4.    Copy <script type="text/javascript" src="/Autoviewer-Pro/Autoviewer-Pro.js"></script> into the head section of your webpage.  *This path can be modified as necessary to correctly point to Autoviewer-Pro

And so on.

I just want to make a couple of pistures automatically rotating.

Thanks and sorry for such stupid question.

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Re: How to implement Autoviewer-Pro.

Use one of these  methods/plugins to create your gallery, but before you create the gallery you need upgrade the plugin to use the pro version of the script. Once you have upgraded the plugin, run it to create your gallery. You will then upload the folder that the plugin output and link to it or embed the gallery in an existing page.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.