Topic: Unique URLs?

Hi there,

Thanks for the help with my previous questions. I bought the program and have been working with a programmer to get it integrated into my website.

I've got another question. Would it be theoretically possible to make it so that there is a unique URL called up each time a new image is displayed (so that someone could for example e-mail a link to a specific image). For what it's worth, I am embedding the SWF in the page and not using it fullscreen.

Just curious if it's even worth trying to go down this road. If so, are the any technical terms that I should use to explain this to my programmer?



Re: Unique URLs?

Yes, you could add support for unique URLs using something like SWFAddress

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Unique URLs?

Aha. Brilliant, and glad to hear it! thanks for that.