Topic: order of images

Hi there,
I am creating galleries from my picasa albums, but it seems that some of the photos are not ordered as in the album.
How can I make sure that the order will be kept?
(I know I can change it manually in the xml file, I am looking for an automatic solution)

Re: order of images

As far as I know the Picasa plugin should generate your galleries in the correct order. Have you tried re-outputting them?

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: order of images

I have tried over and over again, and finally found what the problem was.
I would almost say that this is a bug:
When an album includes different photos that share the same file name - their gallery files run over each other.
causing the latest file in the album to appear in the gallery in all of the locations of these files.
It would be nice if when creating the gallery files there would at least be an indication that this has happened (files are overwritten).