Topic: reducing "zoomedOutDistance" has no effect


i just bought your cool gallery and i am very happy with the results i got using the pro version (especially the transparent option). There is just a small problem - i want to reduce the "zoomedOutDistance" to get a bigger thumbnail preview (using more pics via columns and rows is too slow on old machines).  But reducing the variable seems to have no effect.  :|

Is 7500 a minimum set by the script (then pretty please with sugar on top change it and give me full control) or am i just to blind to see another option that does my bidding?

If you want to check my setup:

It´s a work in progress - just gettin started.  ;)

Big THX,

Re: reducing "zoomedOutDistance" has no effect

Before anyone gets started on this - i just found the error of my ways  :D

If you want to change a variable - don´t change a parameter. Or to put it in code:

fo.addVariable("zoomedOutDistance", "4000");

DON´T write
fo.addParam("zoomedOutDistance", "4000");

I did not found something via the search option and think this might help somebody as blind as me. :)