Topic: SimpleViewer Pro and iWEb

I just bought SV Pro and I generated a gallery in Photoshop using the Simpleviewer script.
I used svBuillder to customize it.  But I have some problems.  No matter what I do the images and thumbnails show up off center to the right.  Also the images are cropped.
I have set the image size in svBuilder to 920x560px and image scale as "none" because my images are already sized to the size I want.
I'm using this script to load into a snippet in iWeb that I got from Old Toad:
<IFRAME SRC="URL to the index.html file that's created inside the slideshow folder on the hosting server" WIDTH="XXX" px HEIGHT="XXX" PX FRAMEBORDER="O" --if "0" no border, otherwise "1" with border MARGINWIDTH ="Opx" MARGINHEIGHT="Opx" SCROLLING="no" --"no" no scrolling bar, "yes" show always, "auto" showed when need > Your browser does not support IFRAME </IFRAME>

I can't get the Simpleviewer to work right and I no almost nothing about code.....
Please Help?

Re: SimpleViewer Pro and iWEb

Please post the url of your gallery that is having issues.

Also the images are cropped.

Does this fix this problem?

When I view my gallery in Firefox it gets cropped to a small height. Why?

Check your CSS. Firefox requires that you explicitly set the height of the html and body tags, plus the div that contains SimpleViewer. Try setting them all to 100% or the height you require in pixels. For an example, check the CSS in the index.html file that comes in the SimpleViewer download. … ml#embed_7

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.