Topic: Gallery not found?

I'm running the script in Photoshop CS3, Input folder contains the photos, and the SWF file in the output folder continuously cannot find the gallery when I put it in my site. The output folder contains a folder with the images, a folder with the thumbnails, an XML file, a firefox document called "index" which shows me that what the script has done, a readme, and a very small SWF file that comes up on the site as it should, but it says cannot find gallery. What do I do to get the SWF file to also contain the photos?

Re: Gallery not found?

When I view my gallery I see the message 'Gallery XML Not Found'. How do I fix this?

This message means the SimpleViewer SWF cannot find the gallery.xml file that describes the gallery. Make sure the gallery.xml file is in the gallery folder. Check Troubleshooting Pathing Problems. … #trouble_6

For further assistance please post the URL your gallery that is having issues.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.