Topic: flash and MovieLoader "simpleviewer"

'm not very good with Flash but I'm trying to build my website with flash and simpleviewer gallery.
I have a problem,I load the gallery in the website.swf with loadMovie("/simpleviewer.swf", "mc_filmato"), but it works only if website.swf and all the document of the simpleviewer gallery are in the same folder. The website.swf will load a lot gallery than they could not be in the same folder, could you help me?
Sorry for my english

Re: flash and MovieLoader "simpleviewer"

Have you taken a look at the example in the simpleviewer-pro2_1/examples/flash_embed folder? In addition to pointing at the simpleviewer.swf you need to point to the gallery.xml. … html#flash

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.