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Firstly I'll say I'm no programmer but a photographer so if my code is rubbish and at fault I apologise now to those out there who may be about to cringe!

I've put together a small site for a friend, managed to get two galleries into a small portfolio site, with a header for site navigation and had everything working great locally. (A major result for me!)

I uploaded the site to my hoster and now simpleviewer doesn't load, I simply get a grey box where simpleviewer should be, both online but more strangely now locally as well.

I have read all the faq's on the site and all the threads on the forum that seem relevant but to no avail.

so any help would be greatly appreciated.

The site is

PS: Felix; simpleviewer is an awesome piece of kit and I just wish I was a better coder to do it justice. Thanks for putting it out there.


Re: simple viewer not loading?

You have an extra embed tag in your HTML code. Try removing it.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: simple viewer not loading?