Topic: Multiple galleries...

I am building a site and would like to have several different galleries, each on its own page.... When I create a new gallery it auto converts the other one so the same gallery is on all pages. Do I need to change the way my folders are organized? Or is there something else I'm doing incorrectly? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Re: Multiple galleries...

if the gallery files are in the same folder you need to uniquely name the gallery.xml and index.html file for each gallery such as portraiture.xml/portraiture.html, landscape.xml/landscape.html and then in each html you need to use flashvars.galleryURL = "theXMLName.xml"; to point at the correct html. If you do not want to have to rename the files keep each gallery in its own folder and link to the folder. … l#multiple

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.