Topic: Fullscreen button wont work


I am using simple viewer and i must say it looks great. Now i have one problem and i searched the forum for it, but cant come to an awnser.
My fullscreen button does show up and is clickable, but it wont go to full screen. I found in the forum the following:

Note: For fullscreen mode to work the 'allowfullscreen' flash param must be set to true in the HTML doc

In the index.html it is set to true.

Do you have a solution for me??? that would be great.

I am using wordpress by the way and use the photoshop cs4 script to create the files. On the website i use the Kimili flash embed plugin.

Re: Fullscreen button wont work

When using Kimili Flash Embed you need to select 'true' for the 'allowfullscreen' option. To add this option in an existing Kimili tag, add this code inside the kimili tag:


I updated the docs here: … #wordpress

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.