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I'm using SimpleViewer Pro v2.0.1 to create a gallery filled with wedding pictures. Suppose all the images are 800px. When I click the download button, that same image of 800px will be saved. But what if I want to give the viewers a higher resolution file? Could there be a way to link the download button to another folder where the high resolution files are located... ?

I tried adding high-res files to the gallery and disabled preloading the main images to cut Safari some slack. But that isn't very browse-friendly imho. I could add the individual URLs in the gallery.xml file, but that job is pretty intense due to the high number of images...

There must be a way for me to automatically link the download button to a new path, or am I wrong?!

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Re: Download Button - change path


SimpleViewer-Pro does not support downloading of different images than the currently viewed one. A workaround would be to use the 'Open Image In New Window' button instead. You can change the tooltip for this button with the 'languageList' option. Now add the hi-res image URLs as the 'linkURL' property for each image tag in gallery.xml.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.