Topic: Flickr and Security Levels

Hey Everyone,

first off all - I love the simpleviewer - great tool!

My question:

I use simpleviewer for multiple gallerypages on a website.
All pictures are hostet on flickr - so I'm just interested in the flickr part.

Some of the gallerypages will be hidden in a members area section.
Now, simpleviewer will only get the pictures from my flickr site, when their status is set to "public".

But than again, the members area makes no sense at all, because all the members-pictures are public on flickr.
Is there a possibility for simpleviewer to display pictures with the Flickr-Security Rank of "Friends & Family", or even "Private"?

If so - please let me know.

Kind Regards,


Re: Flickr and Security Levels

Currently SimpleViewer does not support Flickr-Security Rank. You could probably write a script using the flickr API that would pull the photos you want and feed it the simpleviewer as a XML.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.