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I purchased the SV pro version some days ago and it is a really great tool! I used the flash-embed sample file for the first steps integrating it into a flash website. Works well and the API is very useful.

My last flash project is a couple of years ago. Please forgive me if my question is annoying.

Simpleviewer shows 2 progess bars while loading. One at the beginning and one while loading the gallery. I cant find any way to contol these load bars or how to hide them. Is there any way?

I ask this, because the first load bar is displayed in the centre of the MovieClip that contains the embedded simpleviewer.swf. But this movieclip ha sa dimension of 630x550px on default. So the load bar is displayed at an other position than the second load bar. This second bar is displayed in the centre of the defined image size in gallery.xml. If I try to resize the MovieClip Container the whole embedded simpleviewer.swf is resized.

Is there any way to make the MC-container smaller and to place both load bars at the same position?

If you need an example of what I mean please look at this picture of my (simplyfied) website:


Re: progress bar at wrong location

The simplest solution would be hide the first loadbar by making the movieclip that contains the loader invisible until the SimpleViewer SWF is fully loaded.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: progress bar at wrong location


Thanks, this seems to be the easiest way.
I will try it.