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Topic: Dream Weaver Issue ~ SV Gallery doesn't load… help!

Thanks in advance for your help.  I have created this site in DreamWeaver CS3 – the instructions on the SV website don't seem to work.  The 'ShockWave' splashscreen loads but it stalls.

Plus, in your DreamWeaver instructions it's not clear:
1) the second instruction says to "Import your SimpleViewer gallery folder into your Dreamweaver project." Do you mean COPY the folder into your root folder, or literally "IMPORT"?  My 'Import' options for DW CS3 in Mac are 'Import XML' or 'Import Tabular Data"
2) the fourth instruction setting Properties Parameter, should my properties look identical to yours (with exception of setting the path to the gallery)?  Mine didn't come up with the 'swfversion =" or "expressinstall = Scripts/expressinstall.swf", so I'm not sure if it's shown for example... your instructions didn't mention those things. 

How should I go about it?


I love the look and useability of the SimpleViewer product, but getting it to work is nearly not worth the effort.  I think there is something lacking in your instructions or fewer people would have problems.