Topic: Flash embed example - How to set up multiple image folders?

I've been working (or hacking is more like it) on using the flash embed example as a base to set up a multiple gallery site, but am running into some issues regarding how I want to organize my image folders...

In the example, both Gallery1 and Gallery2 get their images from a single images and thumbs folder. I want to organize my images by category so that I'll have, for example, folders named "architecture", "landscape", "portraits", etc, each with image and thumb folders inside.

I've put the gallery.xml files in each of the category folders and have button handlers that look like:

function loadGallery1(e:Event){

This will load the xml file, but the simpleviewer.swf then can't find the images because it's not in the architecture folder and the images are one folder removed from the normal setup. One work-around I've found is to change the paths in the gallery.xml file to the full path i.e.

<image imageURL="architecture/images/building.jpg" thumbURL="architecture/thumbs/building.jpg" linkURL="" linkTarget="" >

but this means I need to manually paste the paths into the xml file. Is there some way of using a variable to pass the path to the swf? Any suggestions for a way to handle this...?

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Re: Flash embed example - How to set up multiple image folders?

Open the XML files in a text editor do a find and replace.

Find: images/ Replace: architecture/images/

Find: thumbs/ Replace: architecture/thumbs/

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.