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Topic: Problem with the "swfobject.js" file...


I bought TiltViewer Pro a few days ago and it works very well.

Today I've just bought SimpleViewer Pro to add a gallery with it on the same page that already contains the TiltViewer Pro gallery...

I noticed that the swfobject.js file was also used.

I compared the two versions, and I decided to use the latest version for both viewer.

Now, the gallery used with TiltViewer Pro no longer works.

How can I do ?

For example, can I put the swfobject.js file of the TiltViewer Pro in a folder and the swfobject.js file of the Simpleviewer Pro in another folder ?

Is that the functions embedded in the two swfobject.js are different?

Another idea ?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.

PS: Sorry for my English ...

Re: Problem with the "swfobject.js" file...


TiltViewer and SimpleViewer use 2 different versions of swfobject. So you will need to keep them in separate folders or rename the files.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Problem with the "swfobject.js" file...


OK I am going to try...