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Topic: Aligning The Stage

Hey guys!

Im pretty new to this stuff! So here it goes!

I did use the search feature and found heaps on 1.X but when it comes to 2.X theres one or two but doesnt help me out.. I need to align my stage and thumbnails "center" and i have tried     imageHAlign="CENTER" imageVAlign="CENTER" and it still isnt working.. Is there any other way to do it ?

Re: Aligning The Stage

By default SimpleViewer centers the gallery inside the SWF area. What is not being centered? Do you have a URL I can look at?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Aligning The Stage


Yeh its aligned to the left but i need it centered so it fits equally.. So i dont know.. Can i email you the code ? Cause the website isnt up yet..