Topic: Flickr Title and Description Spacing - Padding

I have created galleries using Flickr. I have enabled Show Flickr Title and Show Flickr Description and set them to display at the bottom of the Main image. Title shows on first line, Description shows on second line.

Is there a way to change the padding or margin space between the Flickr Title and Description lines? I tried using captionPadding="0" and that doesn't work. I also tried adding flickrDescriptionPadding="0" and flickrTitlePadding="0" to the gallery.xml and I did the same with margin="0" and none of it worked.

Is there a way to control this via css? Does the Title and Description lines use the H tags that can be set using #flashcontent?

If any of this has been posted before I was not able to find it on the forum.

Thanks for your help.

Re: Flickr Title and Description Spacing - Padding

Specifying the spacing between Flickr title and description is not supported. This spacing is determined by the captionFontSize.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.