Topic: Search engine Image Indexing

I have a site (PWC International Carpets) and it has lots of galleries with many photos of carpets, each carpet has a code that I would like to be able to search. Does anyone have any idea how I could make simple viewer images indexed by search engine. Or an image search for simple viewer using the caption links.

Re: Search engine Image Indexing

I now realise that it is my hosting that is stopping the indexing through directory Permissions.
So I have started building XML site maps for search engines to index. Once this is done there are various site search widgets that can be used to search galleries made with simple viewer and svmanager. I am also building a basic non flash framework (html) for the site so the images can become searchable, as I said this is all because my host will not allow the permissions to be changed. Well that my understanding anyway, has anyone else got any ideas about this. Thanks