Topic: Trying to use SVPro with svManager....

hi all... I purchased svManager a while back and was able to use all the galleries without a problem... i decided to upgrade to svPro today (for some customizations) but i cannot for the life of me get this to work... i moved the simpleviewer.swf from the zip file to my server but its not letting me customize the gallery using the pro features... Am I missing something? any help would be appreciated!

Re: Trying to use SVPro with svManager....

I guess you are running SimpleViewer 2 Pro since you just downloaded it.

Which version of svManager are you running? The version number is on the Admin screen. For SimpleViewer 2, you'll need svManager 1.6 or later. If you need to upgrade then please see the upgrade instructions in the svManager manual.

If you have not already done so then please take a look at the instructions for using svManager with a Pro Viewer in the svManager user manual.

The workflow for creating and customizing a gallery with svManager and SimpleViewer 2 goes something like this:
1. Create a new SimpleViewer 2 gallery in svManager
2. Add a few images
3. Download the gallery to your desktop and customize it with the svBuilder application that comes with SimpleViewer 2 Pro
4. Upload the gallery.xml file back to the gallery on your server. Overwrite the old file.
5. Once you have a gallery design that you are happy with then you can 'clone' this design in the svManager galleries screen.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.