AutoViewer - Automatic Web Server Instructions

These instructions show you how to create a AutoViewer gallery by uploading your images to your web server, and running a server-side script. Follow the steps below to create a AutoViewer gallery on your website.

1: Download AutoViewer files

Download and Unzip the AutoViewer files to a new folder.

2. Download Build script

Download PHP build script (for web servers that can run PHP - check with your webhost). Unzip Build script into the same folder created in Step 1.

3. Add image files

Copy your image files to the 'images' Folder. Images should be JPGs and saved as 'non-progressive'.

4. Set gallery options (optional)

Edit the Build script using a text editor (e.g. NotePad, TextEdit). Set gallery options where indicated in the script. Check here for a list of supported XML options.

5. Upload files

Upload all your files to a new folder on your web server.

Set file permissions on the build script to 'execute'. Set permissions on 'imagedata.xml' to 'write'. You can do this with your FTP program, check the documentation.

6. Run Build Script

In a web browser, navigate to the URL of your build script (For example '' ).

7. Edit Captions (optional)

If you require customised image captions, you can download and edit gallery.xml from your gallery web folder. gallery.xml is a simple text file that can be edited in any text editing software (e.g. NotePad, TextEdit). Insert image captions in the caption tag for each image. Re-upload gallery.xml back to your gallery web folder.