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First and foremost, I love the postcard viewer, it is just simply amazing.  Now I am trying to do something which I have yet to figure out how. 

Instead of having 100 or so images in one page, I am loading 25 images on one page and I want to include a navigation arrow so it will open up the second page of 25 images.  I read the FAQ and I used the footer and header method, but I want the navigation arrows to be in the middle on the right hand side to go right, and left, to go left.  Any way I can implement this?!?

Thanks a lot!


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Im running into some problems setting up lightbox with simpleviewer. 

What I have is a html page with a link to the index.html simpleviewer gallery. Now normally, without adding the lightbox effect, it opens up in a new webpage fine, loading the flash gallery.  The problem is, when I set up that link to open up using lightbox, the lightbox overlay effect happens, but when the page loads, it loads the you dont have flash, click here to download flash page.  I know lightbox is working ok, because I tried loading another webpge and it comes up, no problem, but the index.html from simpleviewer does not seem to work, does not seem to recognize flash for some odd reason.  I tried Ibox as well, another overlay script, same problem. 

I am sure someone has used an overlay effect to bring up the simpleview gallery.  Your help is appreciated.