Simple Viewer is awesome. I used to design my own bespoke galleries for sites but nothing I can do mtches the quality. SO thank you.

However, A very strange problem has occured at a time when I really need to make lots of galleries very fast (things always seem to muck up at the worst times!)

Here goes:
I make the gallery 1 using buildgallery.php - it works great, shows up hw I want etc.

I then download the made version to my hard drive, copy the folder, rename it, add my new photos for the next gallery, upload, apply buildgallery.php - and test:

I get the message which is now driving me mad: Simple View requires flash! Well - I have flash clearly since it worked for the other one. I test it locally, and it works - upload to server, it doesn;t work.

So as an experiment I start again. Freshly downloaded version of simpleviewer.... test locally with the sample photo, it works fine. Upload it, works fine. Add my own photos and it then, hey presto: Simpleviewer requires flash! What the hell is going on? Why is this happening!!!!??? Somebody help!



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I had the same problem. I just deleted the download it from my computer and downloaded it again. This time, before I customised the gallery with my own pics, I opened the index.html file in a browser and it works. Then I uploaded it to test it and it works. I dunno if thats useful to you, but it seemed to cure the bizarre problem (saying I need FP when I already have the latest version installed, in every browser I tested - IE5.5, FF latest, Safari).

Good luck!


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Yes it is in the same folder as buildgallery.php... hmm dunno what to do. I cannot find, within dreamweaver, where you set file permissions... could that be the problem?

On my mac through the normal 'finder' I have selected the file 'gallery.xml' and gone to 'get info' where you can check that the file is readable/writable - is that enough?

Thanks for any help.


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I am using Dreamweaver mx 2004 on Mac OS X 10.3.9.

When I run the buildgallery.php it does all the image re-sizing  and then underneath it says "cant open gallery.xml" so this file is not created!

I have checked the permissions and it is read/write so what could the problem be?

Thanks for help.