Felix is correct, I was using wmode transparent in the html.

Is this still a problem in simpleviewer 2?

Is it possible to create a custom image transition using the actionscript api with simpleviewer pro 2? By transition I mean other than the built-in transitions: fade, cross-fade, etc.

I notice the problem too, the mouse wheel does not scroll through images in other browsers, only IE.

The arrow keys work fine to scroll through images on all browsers, although you have to first click somewhere on the stage area for it to start working.

Is this a bug?

Hi, I'd like to make several of the actionscript options available as xml options in order to customize further each of my galleries. I've modified the Options.as file and set to "null" all variables I wish to set in my xml. Then I modified the XMLManager.as to add my new xml options and republished.

The problem is, it doesn't work. My gallery is missing thumbnails, caption and title overlap each other, no stage padding...it's just messed up. Are there other .as files I should be modifying to get this to work? Assume I'm trying to make all actionscript options available to xml.

Thanks for the awesome app!

I tried the code by watusee and it works great with the following exception: long captions still wrap based on the width of the thumbnail columns, not the main image. How can I edit the code by watusee to wrap the caption to the width of the main image?

Thanks in advance.