Hey Hank,

I'm looking to do a very similar thing - did you get a response?

- Zack


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Works great so far - awesome for an alpha version.  No problems yet - was real easy to set up.

I'll give any updates or feedback as I hack around and integrate it into my site more.

- Zack


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If you need an alpha tester - I'm game.  Long time user of Simpleviewer and Flickr and hosting two sites.


Hey Felix,

I love the Flickr application you have using Flickr tags - I was wondering if you could just tweek that a bit to allow for Flickr user feeds to be used with Autoviewer and Simpleviewer?  And maybe even include a link to the RSS feed if someone wants to use an external aggregator?

Or maybe a seperate application for the Flickr feeds?

Thanks for all of the amazing Flash apps so far!

- Zack