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I'd like that as well.

How do I remove the image number from the gallery ( 1 of 19...)?

Is it possible to use a background image  instead of a hex color?


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I purchased the pro version and got the galleries to look exactly as I want, everything works fine until I try to embed in an exsisting web page.  The original webpage is a flash movie but I can't even get it to work in an html version.  I get the gallery loading bar with the "gallery not found message".  I've tried dissecting the sample pages that came with the download but that just seems to make things worse.  I am by no means a coding expert, far from it.  Is there someplace with a tutorial or expanded directions showing how to achieve this?  Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm about to run into traffic next time a large truck comes by.  I'm trying to replace the galleries in this site with new simple viewer galleries. 

gabrielmuro dot com

Thanks in advance.

I bought and downloaded the pro version in hopes there's be some sort of instructions included.  Is there someplace with step by step instructions to get me going.  Do I create galleries in Aperture or Lightroom?  Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.