I just purchased the postcardviewer pro and customising it for my website.
So basically the website "Home" will call postcardviewer as a child swf :


I added a background to the postcardviewer. Now, I am trying to add a Home button on the home movie so I can go back to the homepage and browse other section.

Now when I clicked on the HOME button, it will call the postcardviewer to get rid of the background easy enough, but I can't get rid of all the thumbnails, because they are called in using XML, by using getNextHighestDepths() function which I am not familiar with....

So is there any way when I click a button, and erase all the thumbnails?

Any help? thanks.


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I have a quick search of the forum and can't find any solutions to this.
I am trying to lay the caption on top of the image, is that possible??? So far, the caption is on a bottom layer and always hide under the main image.

any help would be appreciated.