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Try "MacZip".  I'd post the link, but my account is too new.  Google it, and click the first hit :)

Sure - I'm pretty new to this myself, actually, but I have a background in web development, so that makes the XML and javascript parts a lot easier.

I believe ImageData.xml and gallery.xml are the same file, but for different versions of simpleviewer. 

One of the fundamental aspects of XML is that each file has a "root element."  That's the first part of the page that is surrounded by < and >.  In the case of simpleviewer, that's "simpleviewerGallery".  Everything after that name and before the > is an "attribute."  These are options that you can set to give information and options to simpleviewer.

The options you want to set are "imagePath" and "thumbsPath."  In the example below, I've set mine to be a subdirectory.  I'm not sure if you know how URLs work, but if the directory you've got your images and thumbs in is in the same diretory as the XML file, you only need the name.  For instance, if you want to put your images in /somepath/gallery_images/, and the XML is in /somepath/, your imagePath would be imagePath="gallery_images/".  However, if your XML file was elsewhere, you can use the site-root relative path, and that would be imagePath="/somepath/gallery_images/".

Here's my root element for one of my galleries:

<simpleviewerGallery maxImageWidth="450" maxImageHeight="450" textColor="0x585858" frameColor="0x01adff" frameWidth="1" stagePadding="15" thumbnailColumns="2" thumbnailRows="3" navPosition="left" title="Animals" enableRightClickOpen="true" imagePath="/images/animals/medium/" thumbPath="/images/animals/small/">

I hope I've made this clearer it can be daunting if you've not dealt with this type of thing before.  You can also check out my pages at my home page, simon-photography, then dot, then com.  My account is too new here to post the link :)


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Assuming you've not made any changes to the gallery.xml file in a text editor, you can simply upload the new photos and use something like Porta or the PHP builder to rebuild the gallery.xml. 

If you have made changes to gallery.xml, I'd again, use Porta, and create teh gallery again on my PC.  then open to gallery.xml, opy everything after the open tag with all the attributes, and paste them over what you have on the webserver.  Upload your images and you're done!


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Silly question - does your webserver definately support PHP?

In the FAQ page (I'm new, so i can't link it), there is a FAQ on this.  Basically, you add a <div> element, and use a javascript object that you get in the download - SWFObject.js is the file.  There are many examples here, keep looking :)

I'm working on the same problem - does IE have Flash 7 or above?  That might be what's killing mine...

Yup - edit the gallery.xml file to show the location of the images and thumb images path.  I've got 3 galleries set up on a single page, by rewriting the div using different xmlPath options each time.