Any suggestions? I'm not a programmer but I can modify the existing AS classes to customize the viewer. Or do you guys offer paid support, like if I wanted customization like this?

I searched the forum but didn't find a definitive answer for this. I want to put a soft drop shadow under my thumbs and the Image. Is this possible?

I second Antoine's suggestion. It isn't a big deal for me to go in and change the code now that I know what code to change. But it would be nice to have easy control over the image area, top, bottom, left, right ,center in various combinations. It just gives the user complete control when designing a gallery. Great component though and I can't live without it! Thanks, Felix! And thanks to Antoine for rescuing me.

abey wrote:

Are there lines in the file that I can edit to make my large image bottom and left align?

Something like this maybe?

imgY = fw + h - imgH;

Antoine, you rock! That did it. You made my day. ':D'
Also, I did try using vAlign in the new version but it did not address the issue. SO I am unsure if that means it is broken or if that means that vAlign does not affect that particular issue. Thanks again!


Are there lines in the file that I can edit to make my large image bottom and left align?

Yes, getting sam errors as in post: … php?t=5672

I downloaded the latest version from the previous email link that you sent out last week. Still no go.

I modified latest Options and Image as files. When I compile, the images and thumbs do not load now. The xml appears to be loaded because the navigation arrow shows and pages properly (like it is reading the amount of images in the xml) but no thumbs or images display. When I go back to the old viewer.swf it works as before. All paths to xml/images are identical to previous files.


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I downloaded the upgrade to SimpleViewer pro. I have a current project where I edited the and extenively to customize my layout. What is the easiest way for me to upgrade this project (I want to take advantage of the valign features)? Will I need to go through those existing .as files and copy modified lines of code from them into the newer .as files and then re-publish?


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It appears that the loaded large image loads from a center point? I want it to load from bottom-left corner. In other words, I have my thumbs (3x3) on the left and I want to load the image to the right but I have variable width images and so larger width overlap the thumbnails. I did not see and option for this in the

Edited the file and exported a new viewer.swf. Took some tweaking to get things placed properly but worked like a charm! Great component.

I am utilizing the multiple gallery solution to load several galleries into a swf root. All is working well except that i am using larger loaded images than the default (520 px tall). They are loading in off the bottom of the stage, like the center is centering with the thumbnail group. How can i modify the layout elements? Do i need to do all my positioning of the viewer swf with the Options.AS config file (fixedLayout=False) and then export it and load it into my root?


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I also would like to buy the source code for this viewer but I am not interested unless this issue can be resolved. Can this be repaired in the source code? TIA

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