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Just fill in the form as far as you can and include your name and email and we'll take it from there.



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Please fill-in an upgrade form to receive a new link for the latest version of svManager.




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How big is the image in pixels? Does it need to be this big? Have you tried a smaller one?

JPEG images are compressed. In order to create a thumbnail the server has to expand the image to its full size, then resize it and then compress it again. The full size of your image may be too large for your server's memory.


For the record, this issue has now been resolved. The web site runs on a content delivery network (CDN) which was cacheing one of the older svManager files and causing the uploader to appear unstyled.


So it does. I'll take another look tomorrow.


The uploader appears to be working and the problem is with the styling. It seems that the svManager css file is an old version and has not been upgraded.

Please replace the following file on the server with the latest version from the svManager download:


Please let me know when you've done that and I'll check it out again.


the drag and drop box does not show at all

Could you please describe what you are seeing on the upload page. Or you could email me via the forum with a url and login for your svManager installation and I'll take a look for myself.



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OK – happy to hear it's fixed.



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It's rare to get a 409 error and you are the first to report a 409 error with the new svManager uploader. Pluploader is pretty widely used as a component of web software but Googling Plupload 409 error doesn't turn-up very much.


Has your server host replied to your question?

Do you have any more information about the server response? You may be able to get the full server response from Wireshark or from the server transaction logs.

We may be able to force the uploader to use Flash instead of html5. That's not an ideal solution and might not work so let's see if we can get more information and get the uploader working properly. 


Glad to hear you have solved this one yourself. In case it helps anyone else, it seems that Dreamweaver omitted some of the new files from the upload.


Could you email me via the forum with a url and logon for your svManager installation and I'll take a look.


Glad to hear  you have a backup – hang onto that but we may not need it yet.

Usually blank screens are caused by files that have not uploaded completely during the upgrade or have been damaged when you unzipped them.

Unzip the upgrade again.

Try uploading svmanager/svmanager.php again.

If you are still having problems then upload all the new files from the upgrade again.

If you are still having problems then open the file svmanager/includes/constants.php in a text editor and find the following line at the top of the file:

define('DEBUG', false);

Change it to:

define('DEBUG', true);

Try again and post any error messages here. Then set DEBUG back to its original value of false.


Please upgrade to the latest version of svManager. Version 1.8.6 contains a new html5 uploader which does not use java. You can download the latest version using the same link that you received when you first bought svManager. The link is good for 5 downloads. If you have lost the link then please submit an upgrade request form.


You do need to clear the browser cache after any changes. Wikipedia has a page of methods and keyboard shortcuts for clearing the cache in various browsers - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia: … your_cache

I get around the problem by having two different browsers each with a different setup. I have one browser (Safari) set up for general web browsing. For my development work I use Firefox and I turn-off the cache permanently.

Are you still getting the error messages from the sort page or is this fixed now?



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It seems that Apple is becoming more and more unfriendly to Java. We are looking for a solution to this.

In the meantime please try this workaround for Safari.

Open up the svManager 'Add Images' screen in Safari

Click Menu > Safari > Preferences

Choose the Security tab

Click 'Manage Website Settings'

Select 'Java' in the left hand sidebar

Select the url for your web site

Set to 'Run in unsafe mode'


'Unsafe Mode' means that the applet is allowed to access files on your computer. Obviously this is necessary for an uploader. Only use this setting for a site that you trust – in this case your own!



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Everything looks ok. My computer is also a Mac.

Maybe there is some other restriction in your server?

You can work around it by uploading the new images by ftp to svmanager/yourgallery/images/ and using the Rebuild option in the svManager galleries screen.



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Your settings look ok.

What is the average size of your images?

What happens if you try to upload 50 really small images? Is it still limited to 25?

Is there anything in the server transaction log for the time that you do the upload?

Some installations have several copies of php.ini. Are you absolutely sure that you are looking at the right one? You can create a small php file in a text editor to test. Name your file say info.php with the following contents:


Upload the file to the svmanager directory on your server and run it from a browser. Check the settings, particularly max_file_uploads.



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Was there an update of svmanager or is there any other explanation for this.

No this must have been done by somebody who has access to the server. You could ask your server admin/helpdesk if there is some legitimate reason for a recent change such as a restore from backup.

If you would like to download the modified password file and email it to me via the forum then I'll take a look and see if we can learn anything from the contents.

And can you please help me to reset the password?

Please see the instructions under Forgotten Password in the SvManager Support document.


Can you import to /gallery/svmanager/ and then move to /gallery/svmanager/mygallery?

I don't think there is an easy way to import directly to the mygallery folder in one step.


Edit the index.php file for the gallery index page. At the top of the file is a style section that contains this rule:

table.svlinks img {
  border-color: #FFF;

Change the color if you like and add rules for width and style. For example:

table.svlinks img {
  border-color: red;
  border-width: 2px;
  border-style: solid;


First step would be to download and install the svManager server compatibility test on your new server.

Next step – email me via the forum with login details for svManager and where to find the compatibility test and I'll take a look myself.


The background color is normally set in the embed code in your gallery index file.

When you create or import a gallery in svManager it copies an index.php file into your gallery folder. It seems you are using the index.html from Builder not the index.php created by svManager. This is ok but it does mean that svManager loses control of the embed code.

Look at the source code of your index.html file. The embed code looks like this:

new juicebox({
  containerId : 'juicebox-container',
  galleryWidth: '100%',
  galleryHeight: '100%',
  backgroundColor: 'rgba(82,70,64,.1)'

rgba(82,70,64,.1) will give you a pale grey which is what I'm seeing in the gallery.

Try changing the color in your index.html file. Or re-import the gallery and use the svManager index.php file.


Your config.xml has backgroundColor="rgba(82,70,64,1)"

The embed code in your index.html has backgroundColor: 'rgba(82,70,64,.1)'

Which one are you trying to achieve?


Sure – you can email me via the forum – just click on my name shown on the left of this post.


Could you post a link to the gallery so I can take a look?