can you put a link to the new version? I downloaded the link from the simpleviewer web site, it says version 1.7.1 (this is the link i used … and uploaded it to: but in the corner it still says 1.7. Thanks


Its very strange: I uploaded the latest version of simple viewer from this website to following address:

If I enable Javascript this above link works correctly and the original galleries at do not work.

If I disable Javascript, this above link does not work (Download flash) but the originals work.

I don't understand what the issue is here. Thanks for your help so far

well.. of course that is why the icon exists.. in case people don't have flash or a new enough version. But I have (and I suspect all the people who have come to my site who had this problem) have the latest version of flash. Anyways, in my original post, I said I actually downloaded flash by following the link and it didn't work. Additionally, I have the latest version of simple viewer (and I had read the FAQ before of course).

Anyone seen this problem before? Thanks

Hi, the site is Simpleviewer has always worked fine for me using IE. However, I hear from some people using Firefox or Safari that Simpleviewer always returns a "Get Flash Player" icon. Even if you download Flash, install, reboot, then same thing happens. In fact, if you flash works on other sites, but then going to, it again says 'Get Flash Player". I have the latest version of simpleviewer. Anyone have an idea? Thanks!!