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there's been a lot of scroll bar theft recently :shock:


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check your css margin offsets

You need to run some tests on the conversion to sRGB.

Choose "saturation" intent and the "apple color sync" on mac.
Saturation intent distorts the int
ended colour space to favour high saturation.

If you on a MAc, check out /utilities and colorsync you can preview the differing colour spaces in 3d.

Yep, you have to use sRGB to flatten out the differing responses between browsers and Os.

I was using mac flavoured unix for post on my images until i discovered that
the OS was using high jpeg compression, so had to revert to web export in phtoshop.

this saved me a whopping 60% overhead in filesize ie 168k vs 60k

cheers Oyster



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are they JPG or jpg optimised or progressive? try basic jpg

I don't have SVPro but I imagine you'll need to purchase the Pro version because the address of the swf will change if it is loaded into another swf timeline.

ie : HTML/body/viewer.swf/mclip

is how the default free verion works

and your HTML/body/site.swf/containerClip/viewer.swf/mclip
this will screw up all the image paths.

ps this is all a guess and not tested.

Cheers Oyster


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Hi i have just completed a filemakerPro database which will export filename and caption fields to gallery.xml using a xml style sheet.

Does any simpleviewr folk out there have a Filemaker developer version for mac or PC so that i can release an standalone app for clients?

Cheers oyster