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figured it out all on my own .. yaye!!
if anyone else needs the info:

fo.addVariable("linkLabel", "go to website");

thanks ... me


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just bought pro and was wondering if there is a way to change "go to flickr page" to "go to website"


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i have this link on my last image to link back to a projects page, but it doesn't seems to work. this is how i have it on the last image:
  <caption><![CDATA[<font size="20">Please click "<u><a href="projects.html">PROJECTS</a></u>" on the <br>main menu to continue viewing  projects. </font>
]]> </caption>

please let me know if i am missing anything .. thanks


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here is an example:
  <caption><![CDATA[<font size="20">Please click "<u>
<a href="projects.html">PROJECTS</a></u>"
on the
<br>main menu to continue viewing  projects. </font>
]]> </caption>

what am i doing wrong????


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thanks felix ... its all good. you da man  :-)


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I have gone to 'options' in actionscript to edit details. i have changed what i wanted and nothing seems to change when i save the .as file. does this not automatically change the 'flash movie file'? do i not jujst have to move this file to the folder i want it to work in,  as i have edited it??
//captions options
    static var showCaptions:Boolean = true; //Sets whether to show Image Captions
    static var showImageNumbers:Boolean = false; //Sets whether to show Image Numbers

i set the 'show image numbers to false, i assume this means i do NOT want a counter to show on my autoviewer gallery, yes?

in the actionscript, it also has this option:
//autoplay options
    static var playAtStart:Boolean = true; //Sets whether to automatically start playing
    static var loopAutoplay:Boolean = true ; //Sets whether to loop to first image after showing last image

with this .. shouldn't my slideshow automatically start, without hitting the play button??  please inform me as to what i am doing wrong and  perhaps i am moving the wrong file to my project?

please respond ASAP


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i have done EXACTLY what it states here  from the FAQ. . .

19. Can I add a background image to my gallery?
Yes. Use the backgroundImagePath property in gallery.xml to specify a relative or absolute path to a JPG or SWF to load as the gallery background. Relative paths are relative to the HTML document that contains SimpleViewer.

For example, to add a background image called 'back.jpg', copy the image to your gallery folder and add this at the top of gallery.xml:

backgroundImagePath = "back.jpg"

and it does not show up. any suggestions??


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hey guys .. i had the same problem for weeks and weeks .. and noone was giving me answers. i finally got it when i used <iframes></iframes>

i had it working minutes later. its one simple code intoyour html page you want the multiple galleries on, then sized to how you need it to fit.
check it out at http://www.pane-e-formaggio.com/products.html

this way .. you just make a folder for each category .. with the index.html , gallery.xml and all the files in each one. i just linked to the index page of each subfolder and used a "target=internal" to change from index page to index page. i did the dance of happiness the day i accomplished that. my neck is still sore from all those long frustrating hours trying to do it the other way.

good luck

i have purchased simple viewer-pro. i decided to do so, so i could get rid of the download link  is there a simple  way to transfer or change over? i have a site up with multiple galleries and don;t want to have to re-build it all. or should i simply copy/paste pro files to replace existing files in all my subfolders? then somehow go into the source code and delete the download link of simpleviewer?

could someone please let me know if i am headed in the right direction.

also .. am using the free autoviewer and was wondering if i could use different fonts in the title/captions??


so, i have tried & tried and  still having no luck. i had the pictures showing up inside my site for abit, then i messed with something andf i am back to the white X's.

my first two upper links "sour" & "baked goods"  (are the only two i have built) when ckicked, they open and work . . . but i need them to be INSIDE the table in my site ... so the menu's remain. i have looked at the FAQ .. and done everything it says .. tried every combination /file path and still .. NO LUCK.
i think i have been trying to get this for long enough now that when i open the files to start working again .. i get totally confused! it seems easy enough to link to the index page in the subfolders .. which is what i've done on the  first 2 items on the menu ... but as you can clearly see ... it doesn't work the way i want it to.

can someone magically make it happen or explain in clear and simple terms :lol:


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i started from scratch now, so this page finds the gallery, just that i get the X's instead of the images . . . as i said, only in the embeded page .. if you cllick the 'breads-sourdough" you will see that the gallery is there.


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maybe this will help . . .

my webpage is http://www.pane-e-formaggio.com/products.html

the gallery opens, no problem (with images) if you click the "breads-sourdough" above.
but i don't want a new window.

why am i not seeing my images inside the simpleviewer thats embeded?  i have a folder called "breads_sourdough" and inside that is the gallery.xml, the index.html, the swfobject.js  & viewer.swf. . . with of course the images & thumbs (folders) also inside the main folder ( breads_sourdough ). NO LUCK.

i havethis in the head tags: <script type="text/javascript" src="swfobject.js"></script>

this is the code i have in the .html page (products) i am having the problem with.

<div id="flashcontent">SimpleViewer requires Macromedia Flash.
<a href="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer/">Get Macromedia Flash.</a>
If you have Flash installed, <a href="index.html?detectflash=false">click to view gallery</a></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
var fo = new SWFObject("viewer.swf", "viewer", "715", "500", "7", "#999966");
fo.addVariable("preloaderColor", "0xffffff");
fo.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "gallery.xml");


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yes, i have that code in the head tag

well, i have gotten no help with my problem & it is driving me crazy when i see otther sites with the embedded player inside of them.

does paying money for the simple viewer pro get better results in problem solving!?  my problem can't be that difficult to solve .. someone .. anyone??  but i have seen the same problem numerous times through this forum and no answers.


if better help means byuing the pro, i will do it, money is not an issue, results are!

thanks .. i hope!

my gallery is working locally.  it's all great in it's own window. but the one that i have embeded inside my page, only gives me white X's.

i am eventually going to have multiple galleries in the same page, but i want  to get this one working before i carry on with that.  i have checked  the faq page you referred me to.

so bottom line . . . i have a menu above the non-working gallery, with a link to the gallery in it's own window .. works & looks great. but the gallery that actuially loads inside my table in the same page .... loads like it is going to work, but then the white X's show. the captions  are all there.

i feel like it is just one slash or a piece of code i am overlooking  . ..  perhaps the  path?


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and FYI . . . the swfobject.js is in the simpleviewer folder.


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i am trying to embed simpleviewer in an existing webpage. i pasted the code that was in the FAQ , for inserting into existing webpage.
but i keep getting the error "swfobject is undefined"

what is my problem?

i have a problem  with an embeded simple viwer in an existing webpage.
they wouldn't let me post my first question with all my code ... cause i am new (that bites) ... so i doubt my question can be answered without all that information!!

anywa .. the gallery shows up inside my webpage ... it works, etc ... but the most important thing isn't there . . . THE IMAGES!! it is just big white X's. i have links at the top of  that webpage  to go to different galleries. i understand how to do that. NOW, the way i have it set up now .. it opens with the gallery (no images) in my webpage .. and the link i made at the top to practice ... goes to thew actual gallery, with all the pictures and even shows the background i set for it. the gallery looks great, but i don;t want it to open in a new window ... i want it to open inside this webpage ... where it is now sitting, just without pictures.

i have checked the paths a million times ... tried the ../../ blah blah. moved some files at first, because it said 'gallerty not found'. so i pulled the gallery.xml, the viewer.swf & the .js file inot my main html files .. this is when  the 'gallery not found' turned inot the white X's and worked like it should (just without any images)

is anyoneo out there grasping my problem?

please help!!

i can't post my code until i write 5 posts ... so please ignore if i post  4 others to get to where i want  :-)

please respond asap if you have any solutions for me.

thanks alot.