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how do you get 2 or more galleries embedded in the same html page?
if each of them refer to "gallery.xml", and you are not able to change its name...
or are you? :oops:
i mean, i have to have all the files from simpleviewer in the same folder as the html file, so i changed "index.html" to "index1.html" or "index2.html" (to be able to have them all together), but if i do the same with "gallery.xml" it wont work.
do i make myself clear?

i read all over the forum, and no one had a good answer to this. :?
how do i embed the simpleviewer gallery (that works fine when it opens in a new window) on an existing page?
i've done what the FAQ said, for this cases.
i'm getting the "SimpleViewer requires Macromedia Flash..." sign, but no gallery (unless i click where it says, just to get a pop-up window with the gallery).
can someone be CLEAR on how to solve this?
i just want to see my pictures, WITHIN MY PAGE.
thanks  :(

PS: i have the new version, so that is not the issue. and i havent uploaded to my site, yet (so i have no address for you guys).