Thank you, Steven.

I'm working on the hit space changes now, but I don't see any options to enable the hand cursor when hovering.  Is this possible?

Thanks again.

I admire how Simpleviewer 1.9 is constructed - much different than the way I learned Flash twelve years ago.   :)

I have the two next/back buttons positioned outside of the actual image, which is what I wanted. But now I want to disable the rollover effect that hides or shows them.

I want the next/back button's to remain visible all the time. 

I'm looking at the file, but I'm not sure how I can safely modify this to disable this effect. Any suggestions?

I realize that on the FIRST image, only the NEXT button appears.  I can live with that, but if it means having both next and back buttons appear all the time, I can live with that, as well.

Any help? 

I'd like these two buttons to appear all the time, as in this gallery:

And while we're at it, the hit space for these two buttons expands quite a way to the main image itself.  The hit space does NOT even cover the button icon itself - how does the hit space work?  The ImageNextButton is a square, 70 x 88.85 px, but how do I adjust the hit space area to correspond to the button itself?

Thanks so much!

Thank you, Steven!

Can it be done by editing the .fla file?

I still use Simpleviewer for many reasons, but I'd prefer that the arrows were outside the image itself, positioned FIXED to the outer edge of the .swf file.  Such as this:

(This gallery is OK, but it takes forever to load every image.  With Simpleviewer, images load sequentially.)

And the arrows don't have to appear on hover, either. they can remain ON all the time.

Comments, anyone?


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Excellent!  Thank you.


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I don't see any other posts regarding this but I know I'm not the only one who has to deal with the SWF file being cached in the browser.  :(

I love SimpleViewer and have used it for years, and I make regular changes to my galleries.  But I'm afraid that viewers are missing my updated images by not clearing their browser cache.

Is there no way (using JavaScript) to load the latest SWF file or clear the browsers cache?  Has this been addressed lately?

Thanks so much.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you have SV Pro, you can increase the JPEG quality in the publish settings of the main .fla file, and then simply publish a new SWF file. 

I believe this is what I did recently (I forget now - I'll have to look when I get home), but I still have noticeably blurry images.



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I appreciate all the input and comments.


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I assumed it was the .fla JPEG compression setting, in the Publish Settings.

Or, maybe the image was being resized in the gallery.  Let's say your image is 600 px high, and the XML code is telling it to display at 400 px.  But that's not the case for me.  My code is set to 600 px and my images are 600 px.

I see blurry images in my galleries all the time, and it drives me nuts.



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I'll look into this utility promptly.