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I've added an example showing how to add a HTML menu to link to multiple SimpleViewer galleries : http://www.airtightinteractive.com/simp … /gallery1/


If you are using Porta to create all the files and uploading them to the server via FTP, would the method to "embed" the simpleviewer in HTML code be the same?

How can I embed a gallery created with Porta and Simpleviewer to an html website template?

I have tried the directions listed on website and it just doesn't seem to work. I see the flash symbol in dreamweaver but I don't see anything when I load it.

I am just using the index.html created with Porta.


I don't seem to be able to embed my galleries made with Porta and Simpleviewer per the directions on the web site. Are these directions only when you have simpleviewer server side?

Any help doing this would be greatly appreciated.


From what I saw Matrix did this very thing but not being a programmer I didn't get much from viewing the source of his pages (mostly it's the whole "class=..." thing that stumped me.

Ya me also. I hope they update the tutorial to simplify this, as it seems many people are having the same problems.

When I follow the directions from the main site all I get is the wording ending with click to view gallery. When you click there it takes you to a seperate window showing just the simpleviewer gallery. It is not "embedded" in my table on my webpage.

I am not using the server side files but porta on my desktop and uploading all of the files from porta to my website. The galleries work great that way from the index.html but not when I try to embed it on my webpages.

Where am I going wrong?