That's because the people at Airtight is in fact one person. Poor Felix proboably has way too much to do anyway..


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Yes, I did upload everything. Some of the thumbnails do show, and some of them become black x's.


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My galleries where created using the automated script for Photoshop CS2. They all create fine and all thumbnails and entries are created. On my computer, the gallery works flawlessly.

When uploaded to a server, some of the thumbnails are replaced by black X instead, but you can still click on it to see the image.

Has anyone experienced a similiar thing? Does anyone know what is happening?

I tried the php buildgallery script instead, which I used for 1.7, but the new one seems to have a syntax error in line 408, but I have checked, and line 408 and all lines around it are correct. Anyone with xml knowledge know what is going on?



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I moved this post to troubleshooting, as I discovered it was in the wrong category.